There are many ways to make a photo a memorable and special piece of art. One of these is the use of a 2D picture frame, but you can also take advantage of a 3D Serrated Crystal Photo Frame to enhance your pictures. This type of frame is made to be very durable and will make your photo a permanent fixture in your home.

LED Light Base

Choosing the right LED Light Base for your 3D Serrated Crystal Photo is the simplest and best way to ensure you will have a memorable display that will last a lifetime. The multi-color LED light base is perfect for displaying your photo in style. Not only does it boast a stunning design, it also comes with an AC/DC adapter to keep it powered up. This LED light will not only create a mesmerizing display of colors, it also adds an upscale touch to any home or office decor.

With the Multi-color Medium LED Light Base, you will be able to show off your photo like never before. It features an enlightening design that accentuates the finer elements of the picture, including the serrated edge and laser-etched personal message. Using this LED light is as simple as attaching it to the top of your photo.

2D Picture Frame

When it comes to gifting your loved ones a memory of a special moment in their lives, a 2D picture frame for a 3D serrated crystal photo is an excellent option. This keepsake is a wonderful way to express your love for them, and can be a perfect memorial to a deceased loved one. There are several types of these photo frames, and they range in price, size, and shape. You can choose the type that is best for your needs, whether it is for a wedding, a new home, or a birthday celebration.

These photo frames have a unique, sandblasted or hand carved design that is sure to make your loved one smile. They are available in three different sizes, so you can find a model that will fit your needs. You can also customize your frame with special engravings for a personalized touch. Your order will be processed and shipped within just a few days, making it a wonderful gift that will last for generations to come.