A tangle of wires runs from a battery to a heat monitor at a Southampton facility that helps test next generation vaporizer devices. The products are designed to replace cigarettes.

Despite the growing popularity of new nicotine and tobacco products, smoke shops have a sketchy reputation in some communities. They are often cited as places where teens buy Juuls.

How to Start a Smoke Shop

The first step in starting a smoke shop is to understand the market. A well-researched market analysis can help you determine the potential customer base for your business and the niche it fills in your area. Whether your customers are cigar aficionados or novices looking for the next great vape juice, understanding your market is essential to crafting an ideal customer experience and product selection.

Another key component of a successful start-up is the right staff. Smoke shops typically carry a large inventory and require employees who are knowledgeable and friendly to assist shoppers with questions and purchases. Interviewing and hiring talented employees isn’t easy, but a well-trained team can help your business thrive.

Furniture and equipment are also important startup costs for a smoke shop, including different-sized display cases and shelving to house your products. You may also need to purchase a cash register or Point of Sale (POS) system to track sales and expenses.


A smoke shop needs to be a registered sales tax vendor before applying for licenses and permits. You can register online or download a registration form from the Department of Revenue website.

Higher taxes and plain packaging rules may keep tobacco executives up at night, but next-generation products like BAT’s IQOS and PMI’s Glo have performed well in test markets, even though they aren’t nicotine-containing. These devices heat tobacco rather than burning it, which reduces toxic substances in the air.

For convenience stores that stock both traditional tobacco and vaping products, a focus on promotion and marketing can boost sales of the latter, especially in the wake of higher competition from dollar store competitors. Ensure you have the best furniture and specialized display cases for your smoking accessories, from swanky counter-top showcases to glass, locking cigar boxes. This includes a range of lighters and cases, as well as ashtrays and hookahs. Your staff can help shoppers navigate the many options.

Inventory Management

Accurate inventory management is a crucial component of running a successful smoke shop. It allows you to stay stocked with popular products and avoid running out of essentials. It also helps you track sales trends and optimize your ordering process.

Whether you’re tracking inventory with a physical count or perpetual inventory software, your system should automatically update stock counts as goods are sold, restocked, returned or disposed of. This ensures your records are up-to-date and free from error.

It’s also important to build strong relationships with your suppliers. This will allow you to receive timely deliveries and minimize downtime due to stock shortages. In addition, it will help you negotiate better terms and prices for your goods. This will ultimately help you maximize your profit margins.

Convenient Checkout

This store is one of the best in Brooklyn for vaping and it stocks a variety of supplies to help you get started. It also features a Lounge style to hang out with friends. They carry top quality vaporizers, e-liquids with different nicotine levels, and beautiful glass pipes at an affordable price. They also offer Sahara and MYA hookahs, and many other accessories.

A Next-gen Smoke Shop is crucial for any retail store, especially smoke shops. A good point-of-sale system can manage the entire workflow from inventory management to customer data tracking. It can even allow you to create customer loyalty programs that promote stronger repeat sales.

For a more streamlined process, you can use RMH Store, an advanced point-of-sale software developed specifically for cigar and smoke shops. It offers features such as age verification, customer rewards and sales reporting. It is ideal for one-stop shops that need to streamline their workflow and sell more products.

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